The Correct Order for your Morning Routine

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Start here: This is the correct order for your men’s morning routine!

Everyone’s grooming routine is different. Saying that, there is definitely a correct order in which to complete your men’s skincare and hair care routine in the morning.

I’ve listed the exact order of my daily grooming routine, so you can see how it works and what type of products I like to use.  Following the proper order for your skincare and hair care routines will allow your products to work exactly as they should.

Use whatever products you prefer, but just make sure you stick to the steps!

Check our guide on the Correct Order for your Morning Routine


I take various steps when I’m in the shower and it always starts with cleaning my hair. I use a good shampoo to cleanse the scalp of any sweat from during sleep, or from my workout, and also to remove any product build up.

After the shampoo, it’s time for conditioner. This adds moisture back into the hair after cleansing and keeps it smooth and nourished.


I then cleanse my face using a face wash to remove any oil and dirt. It also preps the skin for the skincare products I use later in my grooming routine.


The last step for me in the shower is just to cleanse my body, using a shower gel.


The best time to shave is after a warm shower. This is the prime time for your skin to be prepped as your skin will be supple and warm – perfect for a close and clean shave.

I’ve been using the Braun Series 7 for about 3 months now. It’s the ideal electric shaver thanks to the inbuilt technology and functionality. I’ve tried a variety of facial hair lengths, and the Braun Series 7 is great for keeping it trimmed and tidy.

The ergonomic handle fits perfectly into your hand and makes for a really comfortable shave. It really couldn’t be easier.

The Braun Series 7 has a 360 Flex head which works with every contour of your face. It won’t leave any patch areas of hair. The EasyClick adaptors mean you can change the heads for your exact grooming need: beard trimmer; precision trimmer; stubble trimmer; body groomer; cleansing brush.

For my day-to-day look I go bald on the neck, chin, and cheeks. I then let the hair grow longer for my moustache. I use the precision trimmer to keep it tidy and defined.

Once I’ve finished with the Braun Series 7, I pop it in the ‘smart care centre’. This cleans the shaver, lubricates the blades and charges it.


After shaving, my hair is usually still wet/damp, so for me this is a good time to use a hair treatment or hair oil.

Our hair can change and adapt to our surrounding environment, so this means the condition of it can easily change. Sometimes my hair can feel dry and other days it can be more oily. If it’s dry, a hair treatment can bring back moisture into the hair; keeping it nourished, healthy and more manageable. This can be a hair mask, or a hair oil.

Just be careful or using hair oil if you are prone to greasy hair. Hair treatments will work differently for each type of hair, so this is really up to you to find what works for you.


Into skincare, a toner will prime and prep the skin. You will need to find one that works for your skin type. If you have dry skin you will want one with an AHA; and if you have oily skin, a BHA. Leave your toner on your skin for about 5 minutes before your next step. Adding another product too early will neutralise the work of the toner.


I have been using a serum for about a year now and it’s definitely made a difference to my skin. A serum is a concentrated product that will get nutrients and antioxidants deep into the skin.


Always put an eye cream on before your face moisturiser. An under-eye cream is more lightweight than a normal moisturiser and so needs to soak in.


Again, you need to find a face moisturiser that works for your skin type. My skin is oily, but as I get older it has become more combination. I like to use a lightweight gel moisturiser.


It’s really important not to forget to moisturise your body. It needs it just as much as your face.


This is one of the most important products in your grooming routine. There are all sort of anti-ageing products, but a good SPF will protect your skin more than anything else. Plus, it will protect it from burning and any damage from the sun.


This part of my grooming routine is always finished with a good deodorant.


With my fine hair (I have a lot of it), I like to use a pre-styler as it preps my hair for any styling products. A pre-styler takes my hair from one state into another. So, different pre-stylers may help to smooth out ant frizz; or help to build volume into the hair.

I then blow dry my hair so it is dry and ready styling.


For styling, use which products work for your hair type. Most days, I use a hair clay.


Fixing your hair will ensure that is weatherproofed!

A top tip from me is to spray a bit of hairspray onto your hands and use it to smooth down any flyaways.

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