Dior Sauvage: Which is the best one ?

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Every Dior Sauvage Ranked

How does the new Dior Sauvage Elixir stack up against the OGs ?

The Dior Sauvage universe is an iconic collection of Dior perfumes. It first started in 2015, created by the great Francois Demachy, Dior’s in-house master perfumer. These fragrances, inspired by the twilight hour in a mystical desert and an array of scents permeating the evening air, immediately attracted curiosity and attention and became a staple for the luxury brand.

With its signature notes of vanilla, spicy Calabrian Bergamot, lavender, and star anise, it was only a matter of time before the perfume became a hot commodity. The team behind the creation made a fantastic job of turning that idea into the perfume we all know and love and developing it into several other products.

Currently, there are four Dior Sauvage fragrances in the Dior Sauvage world. There is the Eau de Toilette, the Eau de Parfum, the Parfum, and the latest release, the Elixir. And while they’re all in the same collection, Dior has made subtle changes with every release to make them stand out. If you wanna know which one out of the four deserves the cop the most, you’re in the right place. Read on as we rank every Dior Sauvage composition.


In fourth place, we have the Eau de Parfum. The EDP evolved from the Eau de Toilette in the way that it still has the signature notes of the citrus, star anise, nutmeg, lavender, and Ambroxan in the base, but it’s more vanilla-forward, making it smell a bit sweeter. It also is a bit more expensive than the EDT, so the price difference favours the EDT more. 

In terms of longevity, the scent stays with you for a while. People will be able to smell it on and around you. When the perfume dries down, it leaves you with a citrus scent that gives off warmth in a way. 

All in all, the EDP is just a copy of the Eau de Toilette with a bigger price tag. The scents are not too far off, which makes it less astounding.


The Parfum signaled the start of the evolution of the Sauvage world. When the Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette came out, they were heavy on the Bergamot. But with the Parfum, the mandarin scent started to take front and center and that’s what made it pop. It has that citrusy zing that gives off a fresh, clean smell. It retained the same sort of notes of spice and sweetness, but with a brighter, orange opening, which works as a more summery fragrance.

It lasts a while and the projection is good. The dry down is similar to the EDP and EDT, with it being perfume-like. The price is more expensive, but with everything considered, it’s justified.


The original Eau de Toilette takes our number 2 spot. It’s what started this entire line, and in a way, has helped mold the world of men’s fragrances. Its notes of Bergamot, cedar, and lavender are what make it the well-known perfume it is today. There’s Ambroxan in it as well, so it feels like it has a weight and woodiness to it. Overall, it’s a fresh, spicy sort of scent you won’t get enough of.

The EDT is also widely enjoyed by men and women alike. It’s a real crowd-pleaser because of its complex, yet pleasant scent. The dry down is the same as the Eau de Parfum and the Parfum. It’s around £84 but it’s one of the best purchases you’ll ever make.


The coveted number one spot goes to the newest addition to the collection: the Elixir. What makes this ultimately the best out of the bunch is the addition of grapefruit to the perfume. It still has the Dior Sauvage DNA, but swapped the Bergamot out with a more fresh, citrusy scent. The opening notes upon spritzing the Elixir may come off a bit acidic, but it becomes more balanced as time passes.

Aside from the citrus scent, the newest Sauvage release leans more towards spicy, earthy notes. Cinnamon and perhaps even nutmeg are contributing to this, but you also have the unusual (yet amazing) additions of licorice and vetiver rounding out the earthiness.

The fragrance is definitely intended for a more mature, sophisticated market. It’s perfect for nighttime as well, but that doesn’t mean you can only wear it during that period. The scent lasts the entire day, the projection is great, and the dry down opens with the spices. It’s at the £112 price point for 60 ml, and albeit on the premium side, it’s one of those products that’s inimitable and whose scent you will not forget.

That was our ranking of every fragrance in the Dior Sauvage line. Pick any of these up, let that amazing fragrance envelop you, and you will immediately notice the spring in your step.

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